Who Is Lenore Walters?

Lenore Walters was born in 1907 on a farm at Smock Prairie.  She was the eldest of three children, a brother Les was born in 1914 and her brother Bill was born in 1922.  All of the children completed high school, which was difficult because they had to board away from home to do so.

Lenore went on to college and attended Monmouth Normal School where she pursued her degree in education. She first taught school at Bakeoven in a one room school house and then in Tygh Valley. At that time Wasco County did not allow their young teachers to marry, so Lenore made a move to Corvallis so she and Mike Miller could be wed.

In 1934 when her family lost the farm during the Depression, Mike and Lenore purchased it and moved back to Smock Prairie. World War II brought even more changes.  Mike went to work in Vancouver at the ship yards and Lenore, at the age of 35, enlisted in the Army. After the war they returned to the farm and Lenore returned to teaching at Smock Prairie School.

She retired from teaching in 1957 and moved to Badger Canyon with Mike to build a cattle ranch.  Unfortunately, Lenore lost Mike in a tragic tractor accident.  Showing her strength and fortitude she went on with life.  Eventually she married Pete Walters with whom she was blessed 34 wonderful years.

After Lenore’s passing, an estate sale was held in 2001, with the monies going towards a Barlow Gate Grange scholarship in her name.  Because of Lenore’s fondness of young people and her dedication to the promotion of learning, teaching and education, our Grange feels privileged to hold this event in her honor.

Since 2001 The Barlow Gate Grange has awarded approximately $50,000 to students for their outstanding scholastic and leadership achievements.